Bloke gets stuck in 30cm-wide sewer pipe after climbing in ‘for no reason’

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    A bloke got stuck in a 1ft-wide sewer pipe after climbing into it "for no apparent reason".

    Rescue workers had to spend seven hours cutting Evgeny Titov free from the 30-centimetre-wide drainage pipe in a car park at Pulkovo Airport in St Petersburg.

    The 21-year-old had travelled to Saint Petersburg to visit a friend, but claims he does not remember why he got into the pipe.

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    Evgeny, from Zhigulyovsk, Samara Oblast, managed to crawl 12 metres along the pipe, before getting stuck and calling for help.

    The rescue operation involved cutting the tarmac, digging a six-metre-deep hole, and disassembling the sewer pipe to free the shirtless man.

    He was taken to the intensive care ward of a local hospital to be treated for hypothermia and then later transferred to another department.

    Law enforcement agencies believe he was intoxicated at the time of the incident, but Evgeny denies this.

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    Authorities had considered him a missing person after he left his home for nearby Tolyatti by car and then left for Saint Petersburg by train several days ago.

    Local media reported that he may be financially liable for the damage his actions caused.

    In November last year Brit, George Linnane, 38, spent 54 hours trapped underground after he broke his leg, jaw and ribs in a fall after going caving with a group.

    It took around 300 volunteers and one of the longest cave rescues in UK history – more than two days – to save him.

    Despite also suffering a dislocated clavicle, lacerated spleen, collapsed lung, and a broken scaphoid in his wrist, the engineer from Bristol was keen to get back underground again saying caving was part of who he is.


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