‘Body parts’ found after horror prison war uprising that saw 100 guards captured

At least 11 “complete bodies” and dozens of body parts including human heads were recovered after a bloody prison war that also saw 100 guards captured.

The violence took place at the Litoral Penitentiary in Guayaquil, Ecuador, which may lay claim to being the world's most deadly prison after a two-day gang war bloodbath in September 2021 claimed a staggering 118 inmates' lives.

And now, the Attorney General’s Office on said on Tuesday (July 25) that 31 had died after violence between rival gangs and subsequently prison guards once again erupted on Saturday.

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The National Forensic Service of Ecuador said the death toll is likely to rise as many remains are yet to be identified.

The country's president Guillermo Lasso signed a decree declaring a state of emergency across the country’s entire penitentiary system for the next 60 days.

At least 106 guards across six different prisons were captured during violence in Ecuador's prison system spurred on by the news of the Litoral clash.

Prisoners also went on hunger strike in 13 prisons in response.

Ecuador’s prison service announced it had successfully executed an operation to free much of the captured staff.

A more recent count states that some 120 guards have been freed, but a dozen are believed to be still held against their will. There have been no reports of harm to the guards across any of the prisons, but official word is scant.

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The country's prison is ravaged by violence, leading Lasso to name five different directors of the prison service in the last two years, but none have proven able to reduce the violence.

Litoral holds 5,000 inmates, largely from the country's biggest gangs such as Los Choneros, Los Lobos, Los Tiguerones and Latin Kings.

Generally, rival gangs are kept on different wings in the complex but overcrowding means that they encounter one another.

Los Tiguerones of wing eight and Los Lobos of wing nine are said to have clashed on Saturday.

Ecuador's Interior Minister Juan Zapata said the majority of those killed had been in wing eight.

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