Bolivian man survives month in the jungle by drinking own urine

Man survives in Amazon jungle for 31 days by eating worms

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A Bolivian man survived 31 days in the Amazon jungle by drinking his own urine and eating insects after he and his friends lost contact while looking for gold and diamonds. Jhonatan Acosta, 30, was found on Saturday extremely fatigued and with awful injuries on his feet.

He explained to Panamericana radio that he had lost his friends while trying to reach a lagoon.

The group sought to reach the remote spot because they had heard that gold and diamonds could be found there.

Mr Acosta recalled being attacked by wild hogs, with one biting through his boot.

Unable to see them, the 30-year-old took a blind shot at the dangerous animals, managing to kill one.

However, he had no tools to cut up the hog, meaning he couldn’t eat it.

Mr Acosta also described coming close to jaguars.

When the seach for Mr Acosta and his friends began, his family hired locals to look for him and planes to search from above.

Mr Acosta did see the planes drop care packages, but was unable to reach them.

Upon being found, Mr Acosta received a big welcome back to civilisation. Locals in his small jungle town of Bauresapplauded him.

He is now in hospital recovering from his injuries.

Speaking to Unitel TV, Mr Acosta said: “It’s incredible, I can’t believe people kept up the search for so long.

“I ate worms, I ate insects, you wouldn’t believe all I had to do to survive all this time,” he told Unitel TV. He also ate wild fruits similar to papayas, known locally as gargateas.

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“I thank God profusely, because he has given me a new life.”

Mr Acosta’s younger brother, Horacio told Bolivia’s Página Siete newspaper: “My brother told us that when he dislocated his ankle on the fourth day, he started fearing for his life.

“He only had one cartridge in his shotgun and couldn’t walk, and he thought no one would be looking for him anymore.”

Horacio also explained that his older brother’s treasure-hunting days are now over.

He added: “He is going to play music to praise God. He promised God that, and I think he will keep his promise.”

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