Boris must face off against those demanding another lockdown if he wants to be on the right side of history

THERE’S a disturbing drumbeat out of Westminster growing ever louder by the day…a national lockdown is coming.

The Sun puts the likelihood at 60 per cent, according to one Cabinet minister today, while The Daily Telegraph reckons there’s an 80 per cent chance of a two-week so-called circuit breaker.

There is only one man standing in the one way of this certain destruction, but can Boris Johnson hold his nerve?

He’s already stared down the hysterical scientists of SAGE once. They are operating in a Covid bubble, ignoring the catastrophic excess deaths to come from missed cancer screenings, a depression epidemic and poverty like we’ve never seen in our lifetime.

Now he needs to ignore that political opportunist Keir Starmer who has been looking for a moment to try and strike a killer blow against our country.

Remember, the Labour leader WANTS the economy to crater. He WANTS mass unemployment. Anything to shepherd in a dangerous socialist government at the next election.

It is time for a brutally realistic national conversation about where we are going.

Twice yesterday Boris Johnson talked down the prospect of a successful vaccine – and he hinted a new-normal might not be in place until next October.

Even Andrew Pollard, the person running the much-heralded Oxford corona vaccine team, admits a first wave of the vaccination next summer will not be successful enough to drop social distancing or masks.

Another 12 months of this? REALLY?

Who can honestly see the country getting through a year of such devastating and stringent restrictions to our way of life?

Who can honestly guarantee they’ll still be in a job in a year’s time if the economy continues to crater?

Coronavirus is here to stay. It is high time we start talking about how we are going to live with it.

Living with it is not taking the Northern Ireland approach and shutting schools for a fortnight, and pubs, bars and restaurants for a month, while banning the sale of alcohol from supermarkets after 8pm.

No way! It’s time to rise up against the madness.

Just like Bolton West MP Chris Green who has quit as a Parliamentary Private Secretary because he disagrees with the government’s strategy.

As he wrote in his powerful resignation letter: “By taking the current approach to Covid-19 we are creating many other health problems, which are leading to pain, suffering and death.

“I now believe that the attempted cure is worse than the disease and that this second six-month phase will not see the delivery of a solution via mass vaccination. The government will then begin its next phase of control.”

Chris Green and other brave MPs standing up to the current approach and resisting another national lockdown at all costs will be on the right side of history.

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