Boris – UK to supply longer-range missiles and help end the war

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The former prime minister suggested that as well as anti-aircraft systems that take out drones and missiles, the West must also take out their launch sites. He called for the supply of longer-range missile systems such as ATACMS (Army Tactical Missile System).

Mr Johnson said: “That is the way truly to protect our Ukrainian friends and to bring the war to an end as soon as possible.”

He told the Commons yesterday that supplies of British and other Western equipment have been vital in helping Ukraine against the “merciless” Russian attacks.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said that he constantly reviews the “weapon systems we could provide” and is “open-minded to seeing what we do next” should Russia continue to target civilian areas and break the Geneva Conventions.

However, Downing Street indicated the UK is not planning to provide longer-range missiles.

Families in Ukraine yesterday were bracing themselves for more Russian revenge attacks after the headquarters of the Kremlin’s Wagner mercenary group was destroyed.

Luhansk’s Ukrainian governor Serhiy Haidai confirmed that a hotel where the group had been based in Kadiivka, had been hit with “major losses”.

He predicted “at least 50 percent” of the survivors would also die due to a lack of medical treatment. Wagner fighters are President Putin’s chosen state-sponsored mercenaries.

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