Bouncer always wears same black T-shirt on job because of ‘blood’

A nightclub bouncer has revealed the chilling reason he would wear the same black T-shirt to work.

Joe, who also worked as a professional wrestler and debt collector in New York, explained there would be fights every night.

And that would have an impact on what he would wear for shifts.

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He said: “Back in the day where we had a different crowd not like the crowds we have now I would wear the same bloody T-shirt.

"Thank God it was black because I knew it was going to be a fight that night.

“Tonight was gonna be a fight, tomorrow's going to be a fight. It was like watching that movie Roadhouse but it was a lot worse because it was Brooklyn.”

“I was dealing with misfits and morons," he added, to Soft White Underbelly. "That’s my saying; misfits and morons.”

Joe explained that while most customers behave themselves, he can spot the ones that are going to be trouble straight away.

He continued: “I was a professional wrestler so I know how to restrain people.

“Certain men not all men, but some men just thrive on being tough. They come in and they want to show off because I work in a gentlemen's club."

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“Basically it's a topless join. The guys are going to come and want to show up because the girls are there dancing and the guys want to be macho.

“But when you know when they come through that door they're going to see me I’m like a roadblock.”

The toughest customer he ever dealt with was not one guy but eight.

“A long time ago these guys walk into the club. and they start a little problem in there," he continued.

“What happened was we took the fight outside – because you know you have a lot more room on the outside – and basically I was stuck outside by myself with these eight guys.

“I was okay, my father always told me if there's more guys there you fight dirty. You gotta do what you have to do.

“So I’m fighting, I'm punching, I feel my hands wet because I have blood on my hands. I’m getting hit all over the place.

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"And all of a sudden I turn around I see three guys on the floor…and two guys are on top of me, you know, then the cops came and they said ‘Who did this?’ I told them I did it myself.”

When the police didn’t believe him, Joe told them to check the CCTV for confirmation.

He says that he was always going to defend the club, no matter what, because that’s how he feeds his family and that’s the most important thing to him.

Joe continued: “I want them to respect this place because without this job I can't live; I can't eat, I can't pay rent, I can’t put a roof on my family's head without a job.

“But these guys came in I knew what they were going to do, because I've been doing this for so long. I already know what’s going to happen because I'm already a step ahead of them.

“And that's what happened to those guys but they never came back after that.”

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