Boy, 12, shocked with dog collar and starved by parents until he ate own hair

A sick stepmum who starved a 12-year-old boy to death after chaining him and sparking him with an electric dog collar has been sentenced to 65 years behind bars.

Dayana Medina-Flores received the maximum sentence after pleading guilty to the gruesome murder.

The 27-year-old left victim Eduardo Posso alone in the bathroom of the Economy Inn in Bloomington, Indiana, for weeks.

She conspired with his dad, 34-year-old Luis Eduardo Posso, to horrifically abuse the boy, reports wbiw.

Court documents show hair fibres inside the victim’s body, suggesting he was so starving he started to eat his own hair.

They both played a part in his slow and painful death.

Cops said tragic Eduardo showed multiple signs of abuse and starvation, and coroner Joni Shields added that the boy weighed just 50 to 55 pounds.

After searching through the evil couple’s mobile phones, officers found harrowing videos of Eduardo restrained in a bathtub.

And when investigators searched the hotel they found chains, shackles, and a shock collar for dogs, which they believe was used to restrain the boy.

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The couple – who had come to the area to work handing out posters to advertise for a circus – lived with three other kids aged nine, five and two.

But despite the heinous crimes inflicted onto Eduardo, the other children were well looked after.

Monroe County Sheriff Brad Swain told WTHR : ‘I cannot think of, in 30 years, a case like this. It’s beyond anything I’ve worked.

“Can you realise the horror that they lived in where a sibling is placed in shackles and not fed as well as them? That this was just normal life for them.”

The children remaining have since all been taken into care.

Luis Eduardo Posso’s trial was postponed and he remains in the Monroe County Jail on charges of murder, neglect of a dependent resulting in death, neglect of a dependent with cruel confinement, criminal confinement with bodily injury, and battery resulting in bodily injury.

He faces life behind bars with no chance of parole and no new trial date has been set.

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