Boy, 8, targeted by sick ‘predator’ on Roblox who led him to adult site

A mum was left feeling "physically sick" after a "predator" messaged her eight-year-old son on Roblox and sent him a link to a porn site.

The mum has now issued a warning to other parents after spotting the message to her young son on the online gaming platform's chat function while he was playing on his dad's iPad.

The user asked the child to Google something for him before sending the link that lead the unassuming youngster to an X-rated video site.

The horrified mum, who did not want to be named, was left wishing she could "erase it from his memory", she told the Daily Record.

She said: "My son was targeted by what I presume was some kind of predator through the chat function of Roblox.

"He was asked to Google something by this person which he did and it led him to a porn site. Unfortunately, he had been using the game on my husband's iPad which didn't have any restrictions on it.

"Thankfully he came to me to tell me but it was too late really as he had been exposed to a video on this website.

"He was only eight at the time! I felt physically sick when I found out.

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"It was not easy to deal with! I just wanted to erase it from his memory. It's hard to say no but my honest advice to other parents would be simply not have the game at all.

"Or if it's something your child really wants then ensure all your restrictions are on and follow the guidance from Police Scotland."

Police Scotland also warned of the dangers of the platform game with a series of graphics on the Edinburgh Police Division Facebook page, outlining: "What parents and carers need to know about Roblox".

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The post said: "Edinburgh Police and The City of Edinburgh Council's Christmas wish is to #KeepXmasSafe for young people whilst online and keep parents and carers more informed."

It said the game raises "concerns over young users' safety" and states there are "certain player-built games on the platform".

The force said some of these games are "specifically" for people who are online dating – known as ODers – adding those games "should be avoided by children".

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And the warning makes reference to "Online Predators", adding that "Roblox's developers aim to maintain a safe place for children", even employing "human moderators for their players' protection".

It adds: "There will, sadly, always be individuals who try to bypass these safeguards so they can chat to children and attempt to communicate outside the game.

"Anyone asking for your child's personal information or to talk privately should be blocked and reported."

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