Boy is bitten by rat in McDonald’s and rushed to hospital

Rodent 'attacks child' at McDonald's restaurant in India

Horrifying footage has shown the moment a rat broke into a southern Indian McDonald’s and crawled up an eight-year-old boy’s troursers, biting him. The child was rushed to the hospital after the rodent bit him in the groin, having run up his trouser leg. His father has since taken legal action against the fast food chain alleging the restaurant workers failed to provide proper health and safety. 

In the footage, the rat can be seen running into the dining area of the McDonald’s in Kompally, a residential area of the southern Indian city of Hyderabad. 

It is believed that the rodent ran out of the restaurant’s restroom before terrorising the families. 

It dashed towards the family-of-three sitting in a booth at the other end of the dining area. 

The mother jumps up in fright before the father, sitting opposite, frantically tries to pull him away from the rat. 

The rat then scrambles up the boy’s trouser leg before the father pulls the rat away. 

Before the father could go to his son’s aid, he’d been bitten.

He was subsequently rushed to hospital, where he received a rabies and tetanus shot. 

The child had to have a further two rabies doses in the days following the attack. 

The incident happened on March 8 and a day later, the father filed a first information report (FIR), which is a document prepared by police organisations in the Indian subcontinent. 

The report was filed against the restaurant chain’s management.

The father alleged in the report that the restaurant workers were careless and made no attempts to protect his son. 

McDonald’s India West and South have since issued a statement claiming that their crew was “surprised” by the sudden appearance of the rat. 

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In a statement, they said: “We are aware of the issue that is being reported. The incident was very surprising for our crew at the restaurant, as it was for the customers.” 

They later suggested that despite the apparent inactive response of the staff and the presence of a rat in the restaurant, the branch was “maintaining the required standards”. 

They added: “The Food Safety officers found in their audit that we are maintaining the required standards in the restaurant. 

“At McDonald’s India, customers’ safety and wellbeing are our utmost priority and we are committed to providing safe, hygienic and quality food always.”

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