Boyfriend of strangled Columbian DJ calmly packed her body into suitcase

The US man accused of strangling his girlfriend in Colombia packed her corpse into a suitcase and tried to pick up drugs just after fleeing the scene.

Dad-of-three John Poulos is facing charges of femicide and concealment of evidence after his 21-year-old girlfriend Valentina Trespalacios was found dead.

A court document showed that Poulos asked an Uber driver if he knew where he could purchase ‘Tusi,’ a pink synthetic hallucinogenic drug once he had escaped to Panama.

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In a court in Bogota, the prosecution played a video showing Poulos on the morning of January 22, pushing what appears to be Trespalacios' body stuffed inside a suitcase before placing it inside his rental car.

Poulos is seen covering the suitcase with a blanket to obscure Trespalacios’ head, which is poking out before walking to the lift and calmly pushing the cart to his vehicle.

He then drove to the southern side of Bogota where he abandoned the luggage in a dumpster.

It was a homeless person searching for recyclables who made the grim discovery.

But by then, Poulos had fled Colombia on a flight to Panamá City, Panamá.

Poulos' sought to throw off authorities by purchasing two separate airplane tickets, one from Panamá City to São Paulo and one to Istanbul, Turkey.

However he was arrested by Panamanian immigration agents and Interpol on January 24 at Tocumen International Airport moments before he was about to board a the flight to Istanbul.

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Turkey does not have an extradition agreement to the US, so his last minute arrest was a last gasp victory for the authorities.

Poulos claimed that Trespalacios' murder was carried out by Pablo Escobar's Medellin cartel, but immediately his story began to unravel.

Trespalacios' mother, Laura Hidalgo, explained how Poulos had become enraged with jealousy after he saw a video that showed his partners' friend placing his hands on her leg.

She said that Poulos then contracted the services of the private investigator to keep tabs on her, the court heard.

Trespalacios then broke up with Poulos but gave him a second chance only after he called her brother begging for her to give him a second chance.

He stands accused of murdering her by strangulation.

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