Bride hospitalised and brother killed after bomb explodes at wedding party

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A newlywed bride has had to be hospitalised after a World War I bomb destroyed her wedding celebrations and killed her brother.

Lidiia Makarchuk, 31, was blasted with shrapnel while she enjoyed a campfire in a Ukrainian forest.

It was believed the bomb was triggered by the fire that was lit by the party of 12, during Lidiia’s and husband Norbert Varga’s, 43, honeymoon in the Carpathian Mountains, The Sun reports.

The Ukrainian-born accountant had married her beau near their home in Bracknell, Berkshire, before travelling to the Eastern European country for their honeymoon.

She said: "In one second I felt like someone had taken a rock and thrown it in my face, in my nose especially.

"Then I had a whistling in my ears followed by a silence where I could hear only myself.

"I turned away and covered my face with my hands and started praying for myself. Then I realised it wasn't just me. Everyone was moaning, everyone was in pain."

Lidiia suffered shrapnel injuries to her left eye and across her face, while also sustaining wounds to her legs and to her hands where some bone was left exposed after her skin and muscle was shredded.

The 31-year-old, who moved to the UK in 2017, said she could hear the dying gasps of her brother Myroslav, 29, as she lay injured waiting for an ambulance.

She said: "My one regret is not calling out to him to tell him I loved him."

Myroslav and one other member of the party died in the 90 minutes it took the paramedics to arrive.

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It is believed the bomb came from the Brusilov Offensive, a campaign waged by the Russians against Austria-Hungary in 1916.

The groom, Norbert, who works as a radio operator, was in his tent when it went off.

He said: "I will never forget the sound of Myroslav's mortal agony.

"I tried to bandage his head and place him in the recovery position, but it was too late. He was fighting for his life for two hours."

Lidiia and the others who were seriously injured arrived at hospital seven hours after the explosion.

She will travel to Hungary for eye treatment later this month before returning to the UK.

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