Brit family ran for their lives as 75mph storm battered Spanish holiday island

A British couple had a holiday from hell as they were forced to run for their lives while carrying a baby and a pram as horrific 75mph storms battered a Spanish holiday island they were staying at.

Jessica Gorman, fiancé Scott. Five-year-old Roman, Piers, seven and three-month-old baby Ritchie were all staying in Puerto Pollensa.

The place is a small market town on the island of Majorca, and was the target of an out-of-nowhere hurricane-like weather system, with the young family stuck in the middle of it.

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Images from the area show how it became like a scene from a horror film as viability was almost zero, palm trees were nearly fully bent over and rain lashed down from above – yet it lasted just one hour.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Jess, who claimed there were no taxis around when the storm lashed down, said: “We actually had to run as quick as we could for half an hour to our hotel.

“The roads were empty, there were no cars driving, it was like a ghost town.

“The kids were screaming and we were worried about the baby obviously being so young.

“It was so windy, I felt like the the pram was moving side to side… it was horrendous.”

“It was such a frightening experience – we thought we'd go out for a lovely little stroll to the market and it turned to mayhem, and it was extremely extremely frightening.”

During the hour of chaotic weather, 84 storm-related incidents were reported to the emergency services, local transport services were cancelled and flights were diverted.

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Heavy flooding is still impacting the area, although weather reports for the next few days show less than 5% chance of rain hutting again.

Temperatures are expected to be around 26c, which is what the holiday hotspot is known for during this time of year.

The chaotic weather also hit a nearby P&) cruise ship, with the company confirming that a few “minor injuries” were suffered by passengers, but the Britannia ship undamaged.

A spokesman said: “A small number of individuals sustained minor injuries and are being cared for by the onboard medical centre.

“To allow our technical teams to make an assessment Britannia will remain alongside in Palma de Mallorca tonight with onboard entertainment and activities scheduled.”

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