Brit spouting pro-Putin lies in occupied Ukraine helped Russia move weapons made to destroy UK tanks | The Sun

A BRIT spouting pro-Putin lies in occupied Ukraine has revealed he helped Russia to move weapons made to destroy UK Challenger 2 tanks.

Self-proclaimed “foreign agent” Mike Jones, 37, boasted about his role in the delivery of UAZ military transport buses on social media.

He claimed the Russian-made buses for their forces were for medical evacuations.

But footage showed them being loaded with BM42 armour piercing anti-tank rounds specially designed to destroy Nato tanks.

The ex-YouTube gamer, from Gloucestershire, lied he was on a “humanitarian mission” in occupied Zaporizhzhia where Ukraine has launched its counter-offensive.

Russian propagandist Dmitry Makarenko thanked Jones for his help and bragged: “Our UAZ is already fully functional! Loading ammunition.”

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Jones, who claims to have served in the British Army, moved to Russia in 2018 and joined the ranks of pro-Kremlin bloggers after Putin’s invasion.

He proudly wears Russian uniforms and drives a bus emblazoned with the “Z” symbol of Putin’s war.

Jones’s YouTube channel was banned last year because of repeated “severe violations”.

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