Brits braced for 10-day storm blitz – map shows where 30,000ft gusts will hit

UK weather: Cloudy and humid

Britons are bracing themselves for more rain, heavy showers and possible storms as the jet stream barrels in from the west. But there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon with warmer temperatures heading our way with 30C possible, according to one weather expert.

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The jet stream air current drives the movement of storm systems, building troughs and ridges, with just one streak able to turn a sunny Monday into a severe storm within a day.

Due to its inconsistent nature, the 300hPa jet stream can see sudden bursts of speed which create areas of high and low pressure. The map below shows it reaching parts of the UK on Monday.

On the outlook for August, weather expert Phil Morrish told “There will be another seven to 10 days of this unsettled weather as the jet stream comes in from the west giving us periods of rain and showers and moderate temperatures of 20C in the south and 17 to 18C in the north.

“August 7-14 looks warmer with sunnier conditions as the jet stream moves north allowing high pressure from the south to build up.

“Between August 10-14 normal temperatures of 20 – 25C in the south. The third week of August will see more warmth, 25C to perhaps 30C if high pressure takes hold.

“There’ll be one more week of unsettled conditions, then becoming more settled. It’s getting better after six weeks of unsettled weather. By the third week of August, the whole country will be more settled.

He added next week will see storms in various places due to instability in the air with possible storms at the end of August caused if the heat arrives “full-on”.

Weather maps for the coming days show heavy rain over much of the country and a risk of storms in the east on Monday.

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Saturday will see a showery start with sunny spells around for many, though there will be more cloud around for some central parts of England, according to MeteoGroup UK.

Showers will persist into the afternoon, mainly to the north and west, and may be heavy at times but it will be mostly dry and bright in other areas.

Sunday will see a few sunny spells and scattered showers, with most areas likely to see a couple of showers. More persistent rain is expected in parts of northern England earlier on in the day. A band of persistent rain will move across the country on Monday, heavy at times, turning to showers in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Met Office‘s outlook for August says the first to tenth is likely to start “generally unsettled” with showers and outbreaks of rain perhaps turning heavy and thundery at times.

It adds: “Changeable conditions are expected to continue through the week with a mixture of sunshine and showers, as well as spells of rain across the UK.

“The wettest conditions are likely to be across the west, while the southeast is likely to see the best of any drier interludes.”

The forecaster adds a similar scenario is possible for the following week with northwestern parts of the UK seeing the most of the unsettled conditions.

Strong winds are possible at times for the time of the year, especially in western areas with temperatures likely to remain below average with a chance of mild nights.

The weather is likely to remain fairly changeable for the most part through mid to late August, according to the Met Office.

It forecasts further rain or showers at times throughout Britain with northwestern and western areas perhaps seeing the wettest conditions.

The Met Office adds: “Some showers may turn heavy and thundery. These unsettled spells are likely to be accompanied by strong winds, which will accentuate the rather cool feel during these periods.

“There is [an] increasing possibility towards late August of a greater incidence of short spells of more settled and warmer weather with lighter winds.”

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