Brutal brawl breaks out between a family at Disneyland

The happiest place on earth? Brutal brawl breaks out between a family at Disneyland in shocking video which captures a man beating a group of women after one spits in his face

  • A violent fight between family members broke out at California’s Disneyland on Saturday afternoon and it was all caught on camera
  • The fight took place after a woman spat in a man’s face
  • The man began to mercilessly hit her and she pushed her stroller holding two toddlers out of the way and began to fight back 
  • Two women and two men were involved in the brawl
  • In the fight an elderly woman in a motor chair was pushed to the ground 
  • At the end bystanders intervened and pinned an aggressive man to the ground as officers arrived about four minutes after the fight began 
  • The people involved in the fight were escorted out of the park and were not cooperative in police interviews 
  • Disney confirmed the fight took place saying, ‘We do not condone this behavior’ 

A shocking violent brawl between a family broke out at Disneyland in California this weekend, and the entire fight was caught on camera.  

Two men and two women got into a heated fight where they threw punches, dragged hair and spat in each other’s faces while perusing Toontown in Disneyland with children in strollers on Saturday afternoon.

In the four-minute video a man in a pink shirt says, ‘Don’t disrespect my daughter…I don’t give a f**k b***h’, leading a woman in a white shirt to spit in his face. 

Her spitting insult leads the man to repeatedly hit her and a man next to her in the face, igniting the fight. 

A violent fight between family members broke out at California’s Disneyland on Saturday afternoon and it was all caught on camera. The fight started when the woman in white spat in the face of the man in pink

 The woman then screams ‘Hold my daughter!’ and pushes her double stroller to the side as the two men jump around each other with their fists raised. 

As the two start punching each other children are heard crying in the background and another woman enters the scene yelling ‘Stop it! Stop it!’ 

A mother in a motor chair then rolls in between the fighters in an effort to stop the violence but she ends up getting hit in the process. 

But the man in the pink shirt is still angry with the woman in the white shirt and follows her, punching her in the face and pulling on her long braids. 

Concerned bystanders are heard shouting for the fighters to stop and one woman yells ‘Call security!’ 

Finally the fight is broken up by men standing nearby and the man in pink seems to go on his way. 

The man in pink was caught on camera pulling on the woman’s braids and punching her mercilessly in front of their own family members and bystanders in the presence of children

Then the woman in white with the braids gets into a tiff with a woman in a brown shirt, pulling on her hair. As the two fight they push the elderly woman who was sitting in a motor chair earlier to the ground. 

The man in pink returns and says ‘You got what you wanted…Let’s go momma’  referring to the woman on the ground. 

Then he continues to slap the woman in braids, swinging her around until she falls to the ground. 

‘I don’t care about no video! I’m ready to go to jail tonight’ he yells, his pink T-shirt visibly torn up from his fight. 

Bystanders then flock to the woman sprawled on the ground and keep the man in the pink shirt at bay. 

Then the man in pink starts to hit the woman in brown saying, ‘You hit my momma?’ and throws punches to her face and body until she falls to the ground and pulls her hair. 

Three men then pull him away and bring him to the ground and keep him there until Disney guards arrive on the scene.    

Anaheim police are investigating the incident after it was flagged to them Sunday and are interviewing family members portrayed in the video. 

Officers say none of the victims were cooperative and were escorted away from the park. 

Authorities say they are pursuing a criminal case. 

Disney confirmed to that the brawl took place on Saturday and said ‘We do not condone this behavior’.

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