Bryan Johnson: I’m a middle-aged tech mogul spending $2m a year to hack my body – now I’m 18 again | The Sun

A MIDDLE-AGED tech mogul is spending around $2million a year to hack his body into regaining its youth.

Bryan Johnson, 45, follows a strict daily routine that he claims gives him the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old, and the lung capacity of an 18-year-old.

The software developer made his millions in his 30s when he sold his payment processing company to eBay for $800million in cash.

He now has a team of more than 30 doctors and regenerative health experts managing his intense routine in a bid to reboot his body.

Johnson, from southern California, told Bloomberg News: “What I do may sound extreme, but I’m trying to prove that self-harm and decay are not inevitable."

The biotech entrepreneur aims to have all his 78 of his major organs functioning as if he were in his late teens.

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The strict regimen, known as Project Blueprint, requires him to follow a strict vegan diet of 1,977 calories per day with a mixture of soft and solid foods.

He wakes up at 5am, takes 24 supplements, exercises for an hour, and drinks a green juice with creatine and collagen peptides.

The supplements include metformin, turmeric, zinc, and, for brain health, a small dose of lithium.

Johnson also brushes and flosses his teeth while rinsing with tea-tree oil and antioxidant gel.

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Before he goes to bed, he wears glasses which block blue light for two hours.

And while he's sleeping, Johnson is hooked up to a machine that counts the number of erections he has during the night to see if it's similar to a teenager.

He also has monthly ultrasounds, MRIs, colonoscopies, and blood tests to keep a close eye on his health, and takes daily measurements of his weight, body fact, and glucose levels.

Oliver Zolman, a doctor heading up the team hired by Johnson, said they aim to prove a human being can reduce the medical age of their organs by 25 per cent.

The 29-year-old – dubbed the "rejuvenation doctor" – said: "There is no person in the world who is 45 chronologically but 35 in every organ.

"If we can eventually prove clinically and statistically that Bryan has made that change, then it will be such a large effect size that it will have to be causative of the intervention and beyond what’s genetically possible."

Johnson recently started a website called Rejuvenation Olympics.

It displays an "epigenetic leaderboard" – ranking the 1,750 people in the world who are fighting against the aging process.

At least a dozen of the world's richest men have ploughed millions into bizarre ways to live forever.

Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos who has pumped money into Unity, a California company that hopes to stop the aging process.

Another tech company, called Atlos Labs, which focuses on anti-ageing research and biological reprogramming, is said to be "backed" by Bezos.

PayPal founder Peter Thiel has also ploughed cash into Unity having spoken about finding a cure for aging for years.

"Most diseases are linked to aging," Thiel said at Web Summit in 2016.

"You have a one in a thousand chance of getting cancer in the next year at age 30, you have a one in ten chance of getting cancer in the next year at age 80.

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"So we definitely want to find a cure for cancer, maybe if we find a cure for aging we cure cancer along the way."

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