Camilla says husband Prince Charles has ‘impatient and passionate’ personality

Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall has revealed her husband Prince Charles is "impatient" and has a "passion inside him."

In an interview she discussed Charles' personality and the reason he is able to gets things done

She spoke in admiration of his drive and determination when it comes to the things he cares about.

The interview is part of a documentary from November 2018, which celebrated the Prince of Wales' 70th birthday.

It was broadcast by the BBC and titled ‘Prince, Son and Heir: Charles At 70’.

The documentary included an interview with the future king and some of those closest to him.

Camilla spoke extensively about Charles, she said: “He feels everything inside, that’s why he gets things done.

“He’s pretty impatient, he wants things done by yesterday as I think everybody who works for him will tell you. But that’s how he gets things done, he’s driven by this, this passion inside him to really help.

“He would like to save the world.”

In September 2020 Prince Charles delivered a passionate speech in which he called for the world to be placed on a “warlike footing” to combat climate change.

He also called for a “Marshall-like plan for nature”, referring to the American programme to reconstruct Europe following the Second World War.

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The Prince warned the “window for action is rapidly closing”.

He added: “At this late stage I can see no other way forward but to call for a Marshall-like plan for nature, people and the planet.

“We must now put ourselves on a warlike footing, approaching our action from the perspective of a military-style campaign.”

Charles also warned commitments made by a number of blocks, including the EU, to produce zero net greenhouse gas emissions in 2050 could come too late.

He said: “2050 simply suggests we have room to delay.

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“It is absolutely vital, given the enormity of the problem we face, that we make truly transformative progress along the road to net zero by 2030.”

However on the BBC documentary Charles admitted he will have to behave differently in his advocacy work, some of which has sparked controversy, after becoming King.

He noted: “You know, I’ve tried to make sure whatever I’ve done has been non-party political, and I think it’s vital to remember there’s only room for one sovereign at a time, not two.

“So, you can’t be the same as the sovereign if you’re the Prince of Wales or the heir.

“But the idea somehow that I’m going to go on in exactly the same way, if I have to succeed, is complete nonsense because the two – the two situations – are completely different.”

Charles, now aged 72, is the longest heir-apparent in British history.

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