can YOU spot bighorn sheep hidden in ancient rock formations?

Bighorn sheep camouflages itself into ancient rock formations at Joshua Tree National Park … so can YOU spot it?

  • Social media users flummoxed by photo of Bighorn sheep hidden among rocks
  • Species is able to camouflage itself into its environment, making it tricky to spot
  • So are you able to find to the sheep in the optical illusion going viral?

They are known for their ability to blend into any environment.  

So it’s no surprise this bighorn sheep has flummoxed social media users who cannot find it in a photograph of a rocky landscape.

Employees at Joshua Tree National Park, California, shared the optical illusion on their Facebook profile.

The post read: ‘Can you find the desert bighorn sheep (Ovis candensis nelsoni) in this picture?

‘Bighorn sheep use a tactic called camouflage, or cryptic coloration, to blend into their environments. 

‘Their sandy brown fur disguises their appearance and helps them blend in with the surrounding rocky landscape, making it more difficult for predators (and hikers) to see them.

‘While exploring the park, always keep an eye on the rocks and boulders around you…you could easily walk right by a bighorn sheep without even knowing!’ 

So can you spot the sheep in the optical illusion going viral?  

JoshuaTree National Park uploaded a photo of a bighorn sheep across a rocky landscape which has flummoxed social media users. The sheep is sitting on a rock towards the bottom right of the picture.

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