Cannibal teacher who ‘ate lover’ hid victim’s penis as it would ‘out him as gay’

A 'cannibal teacher' who is on trial for eating his lover after sex claims he hid the penis of the deceased because his DNA was on it.

Maths and chemistry teacher Stefan R., 42, is standing trial for killing and eating body parts of Stefan Trogisch, 43, in his apartment on Parkstrasse Street in the German capital Berlin on September 6 in 2020.

The defendant broke his silence in court to reveal he did not call emergency services would “because it would have come out that I am homosexual".

According to German daily Bild, Stefan R. decided to dispose of the body and separated the genitals to bury them.

He told the court he removed them "since my DNA could still have possibly been present due to the oral sex I performed."

The defendant only met Trogisch a few hours prior to the killing through a dating app and decided to eat his remains.

Stefan R. claims that Trogisch died in his sleep after they had sexual intercourse and he simply found him lifeless on the sofa in the morning, as reported by Bild.

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He also claimed that he tried to revive Trogisch, and that he did not want the man to die.

The victim was reported missing for weeks and some of his body parts were later found in the city, but the penis is still missing.

The defendant bought a EUR-176 (GBP-150) freezer five days before his rendezvous with the 43-year-old fitter and told his sister he planned to keep pizza in it when she asked what he wanted it for.

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The court also heard that the maths teacher prepared for the date by placing a three-part butcher knife set and a bone saw next to his bedroom cupboard.

He also put a sex swing in the living room as well as a sign on the window ledge that said: “Instructions for emasculating and slaughtering a person.”

Trogisch took a cab and headed to his address, where he was later allegedly chopped into pieces that were dumped in various locations around the German capital by the defendant.

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In preparation for the arrival of Trogisch, the suspect looked up online terms associated with cannibalism such as ‘long pig’ and ‘fatten and slaughter people’ on the darknet, the court heard.

The suspect was caught when police found 25kg (55 lbs) of a sodium hydroxide cleaning agent in his apartment that was described by the police as "suitable for dissolving human tissue".

Investigators also found traces of the victim's blood in the hallway after body parts began to appear around the city.

The teacher, who was also active on gay forums, was charged with murder on May 18. A final verdict is expected on October 21.

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