Carjacker has his penis blasted off by armed cops in weird shootout battle

A bloke fighting against police officers in a shootout was left with no manhood after his penis was shot off.

Returning fire in the streets of Cape Two, South Africa, members of the force were left pinned down in their vehicles until they hit one of the two carjacking suspects.

The injured man was subsequently arrested but not before officers realised they had shot him right through his member during the an attempted car-jacking.

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Mayoral Committee member Rob Quintas and his VIP team were unharmed in the attack which left them firing out at sharpshooters, eventually tagging one and bringing him in for further questioning.

Speaking of the attack, which took place at 2.40pm on the streets of Marconi Beam, Quintas explained the injured bloke made sure to drop his gun and show officers he had been disarmed and taken a bullet to the groin.

Quintas said: "As we pulled in to turn around we saw two men just shooting wildly. My protector told us to lie down and one of them got out of the vehicle and returned fire.

"I can confirm that he was injured and shot in the arms and groin area. Despite this he was able to walk and show officers where he dropped the firearm."

The injured man's accomplice was not captured during the attack as he ran off as his bloodied pal struggled to deal with the gunshot wound to his penis.

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A police statement from spokesman Malcolm Pojie has since confirmed the shooting and explained the details of opening fire on the two carjackers, confirming the injured man is under police guard in hospital while they search for the other.

He said: "Preliminary information reveals that two unknown suspects, one armed with a firearm, approached the vehicle of a councillor who was escorted by VIP protectors from the City of Cape Town and opened fire on them.

"The protectors retaliated and returned fire, wounding the suspect in his upper body. Both suspects fled on foot, but the injured one was apprehended shortly.

"The firearm used by the suspect was recovered and handed in as an exhibit."

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