Champions League streaker paid a stranger £130 to film her

Liverpool fan reveals Champions League ‘streaker’ paid him £130 to film her on her phone while she ran on the pitch dressed in a skimpy swimming costume

  • Peter Beaumont, 36, was paid £130 by Kinsey Wolanski to film her streaking 
  • Peter was seated next to her at the Champions League final when she asked him
  • He took her belongings from the stadium and met her afterward to return them 

Kinsey Wolanski asked Peter Beaumont to film her streak at the Champions League Final.

A football fan has revealed how he sat next to the Champions League streaker and was paid £130 to film her on her phone as she ran on the pitch.

Peter Beaumont, 36, was seated next to American model Kinsey Wolanski at the Champions League final at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid.

The scaffolder from Runcorn, Liverpool, who was with six friends, couldn’t believe instantly turned to talk to the model. 

Peter, who was in the row in front of his friends, was told by Kinsey that she was an ‘online blogger’ from Los Angeles.

But within minutes, the blonde bombshell told Peter that she was going to streak  and tugged her black summer dress to the side to show the leotard underneath.

She handed him her phone and asked him to film her.

Kinsey wearing a skimpy black swimsuit as she invaded the Champions League final pitch in Madrid

Peter said: ‘We’d all got there early to soak up the atmosphere and drink beer. 

‘We all looked at each other thinking the same thing – “Who the hell is this?”

‘I got chatting to her, and my pals were teasing me after, thinking I was hitting on her.

Kinsey was wearing a black summer dress in the stands, but showed Peter that she was wearing a leotard underneath and ready to streak

Despite being arrested and spending five hours in a Spanish jail cell following the streak Kinsey said the strip was the best move of her career 

‘So when she told me she wasn’t really there to watch the match, but to streak, I think my mouth nearly fell open, to be honest. 

‘When she told me she was going to run on 25 minutes into the match, I stupidly said – ‘Don’t take your clothes off if Liverpool have possession though’.

‘About ten minutes into the game, she disappeared, probably looking for a way onto the field, and came back to give me her phone. 

The streaking incident was valued at more than £3 million in advertising value for Vitaly Uncensored 

She was escorted out of the stadium by security after she ran on to the pitch 25 minutes into the game

‘I stood on the seats and my pals all jeered at me.

‘I said – ‘She’s about to take her kit off – you won’t want to miss this’.’

Sure enough, the swimwear model stormed onto the field and ripped the black summer dress off much to the delight of Peter and his friends. 

Kinsey’s leotard read Vitaly Uncensored – a reference to the pranksters’ website.

After she was taken away, Peter was in contact with her boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, a prankster who was banned from football games, but snuck in wearing a fake beard.

The prankster is apprehended by stewards and escorted out of the stadium as players watch on in amazement

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy invaded the pitch at the 2014 World Cup Final where he wrote ‘natural born prankster’ on his chest

Once the match was over and the field celebrations had ended, Peter – who had to get a 6am flight the next day – left the stadium with Kinsey’s possessions.

He found a bar nearby and told Vitaly and Kinsey to meet them there.

Peter got a call from Vitaly, who then beeped the car horn twice.

He stepped out the bar, and Peter said he watched as Vitaly stepped out the car – while Kinsey ran across the road with open arms and joined them for a drink.

Vitaly posted a tweet shortly after the incident in which he said: ‘I can’t wait to marry you’

Peter said Vitaly told him he ‘was a legend’ and paid him £130.   

Peter replied: ‘No no – you’re a legend.’

Peter said: ‘It was a bit of a mad night to be honest.

‘None of us expected anything like that to happen. 

‘I’m still in touch with them. I’d love to meet up sometime.’

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