Charles Bronson claims he has PTSD from ‘brutal’ treatment behind bars

Notorious lag Charles Bronson has claimed the "brutal and unacceptable" treatment he received behind bars has left him with PTSD.

A psychologist speaking at the parole hearing for the infamous 70-year-old criminal has said Bronson has mild symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Those symptoms have come through "brutal and unacceptable treatment" of the prisoner, who has spent most of his adult life behind bars after he was charged with armed robbery in 1974.

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A staple of the prison system ever since, Bronson is keen to see his parole hearing through and achieve his release from behind bars as he says he wants "to go home".

Bronson's PTSD claim comes not long after his diagnosis of anti-social personality disorder, with the psychologist confirming the 70-year-old was "suspicious of other people".

The psychologist noted that Bronson also holds "anti-authoritarian views" which may link to how Bronson believes the system is "degrading him".

Speaking at the parole hearing, an unnamed and independent psychologist brought in by Bronson's legal team said: "He feels like the whole system is about humiliating and degrading him."

His symptoms of PTSD come as Bronson made a moving plea to the three parole judges that his release should be granted so he can make an "honest living".

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Speaking directly to the panel on the opening day of the trial, Bronson cited his reasons for release, with Daily Star previously reporting he wished to make his mums "dreams come true."

Bronson, who now goes by Charles "Salvador" Bronson said: "That's my mum's last joy on the planet, to see her son outside, doing me art, making an honest living of my art.

"If you’ve got a heart or any compensation give it to my mum and make her dreams come true."

Daily Star had also reported Bronson's admission that his infamous Lurpak-covered rumble behind bars was "f***ing brilliant."

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