Cheeky dog suddenly drops dead to avoid going home every time she goes for walk

A cheeky dog has learned to throw dramatic temper tantrums when she realises her daily outdoor walk is close to an end.

Hilarious footage captured by the owner shows a Shiba Inu, named Chen Single, stopping dead in her tracks just moments before walking into the neighbourhood in Dongguan city, southeast China.

The three-year-old pooch recognises the walking route, especially when she is about to enter the gated community, where her home is.

A caption in the video said: "We're about to go into the community. Now pay attention to her reaction.

"Look at her head, she is starting to tilt. Her ears are flopping like a plane."

Single looks up and suddenly drops dead to the ground, refusing to get up when the owner pulls her by the leash.

A nearby security guard is heard giggling and saying: "Oh she did it again, she's too cute to play dead."

Single gets up and take tiny steps as slow as she can to enjoy a bit more fresh air outdoor before her owner drags her back into the house.

In the last-ditch attempt, the adorable canine sticks her bottom on the ground and pulls funny faces before throwing herself to the ground again.

The owner says: "Come on, quick. Let's move. I'm late for work

"Who's going to buy you snacks if I get fired because of this? Get up now."

Single reluctantly gets up and sadly looks back as she follows her owner back to the building.

Viewers were left in hysterics and joked the dog's reaction is a cry for socialisation.

One commented: "Single just wanna meet her friends in a park maybe, who wants to stay at home all day?

"Her face just says it all, what an adorable dog," a second wrote.

"What a drama queen!" a third added. "Even the security guard can tell."

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