China cover-up: Trump exposes Beijing coronavirus ‘gift’ – ‘Make of it what you will!’

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President Trump ridiculed China at his press conference for their handling of the coronavirus crisis. China has been strongly criticised for their failure to warn other nations about the true extent of the outbreak. The US leader warned that questions needed to be asked about how the virus got out to the world.

He said: “Europe became very infected from China, a gift from China, not good.

“They should have stopped it, they should have stopped it at the source.

“But it’s a gift from China and a very bad gift, I will tell you that.

“How comes at Wuhan where it started, they were in bad trouble but it didn’t go to any other parts?”

President Trump continued: “It’s didn’t go to Beijing, it didn’t go to other parts of China.

“Then you say how come it came out to Europe, to the world, to the United States?

“Somebody has to ask these questions and we’ll get down to the answer.

“We made a great trade deal, they’re going to buy £250 billion worth of product.”

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