Chippy on ‘roughest estate in UK’ plagued by yobs lobbing dead pigeons inside

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A woman who runs the chippy in "Britain's roughest estate" has said her customers are being put off because kids keep throwing dead pigeons into her shop.

Lucky Grewal, 40, has been suffering from gangs of kids and teens hellbent on making life as tough as possible for her as she runs the King Cod Chippy in Blakenall, on the outskirts of Walsall, West Midlands.

She said she’s had her car and shop smashed up, and has even had eggs thrown in with the pigeons.

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According to the Sun, some of the attackers are understood to be as young as nine years old, with locals reporting both physical and racial attacks.

Speaking to the publication, Lucky said: "It’s constant. One bad thing you could put up with but it’s all the time, day and night.

"We are all so scared, my staff, my customers.

"And we call the police and they do nothing, absolutely nothing."

Rocky, Lucky’s partner, 40, said he had watched the kids throw a pigeon into the King Cod.

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Lucky said: "I wasn’t there but they threw the bloody dead bird across the counter and it fell on the floor. It was shocking.

"Yes we called the police but no they did nothing.”

The attacks started during lockdown, but haven’t let up since then.

Last Halloween she said they "threw large pumpkins across the counter".

She has had salt and vinegar thrown on her face on multiple occasions.

After one incident at her shop, police came to investigate and were pelted with eggs.

“As they were checking the CCTV the lads threw eggs at them splattering all over their uniforms, and then they ran off," she said.

“One officer told me ‘we can’t do much about that!’"

“But why can’t they? It is their job and they just don’t care, and they do absolutely nothing," she added.

"We need someone to help and no one wants to."

An unnamed customer in the shop said: “It’s got very dodgy round here with kids running wild and abusing people.

"The parents don’t seem to care what they get up to, as they’re in the local pub, they turn a blind eye.”

Another local business owner said it was like being in "war-torn Ukraine" and added: "They were banging on my door and asking me for sexual favours. I felt sickened and scared and it was very disturbing.

"We’re too scared to walk home from work alone for fear of being abused."

A 46-year-old resident added: "It used to be a decent place to live but now it’s awful and I’m not surprised it’s been called the worst place in the country."

Phil Upton, an inspector of the West Midlands Police's Walsall Neighbourhood Team, told the Sun: "We are aware of growing concern around instances of appalling behaviour by a small minority of young people in the Blakenall area.

"We understand how upsetting and worrying this can be and we have been carrying out extra patrols in the area to discourage further incidents and help with our on-going enquiries."

The Daily Star has contacted West Midlands Police for further comment.

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