City to pay $18K for hidden camera footage of workers allegedly slacking off

The city is paying $18,000 for footage that allegedly shows workers slacking and wasting time on the job.

An anonymous group of Winnipeg residents and business owners hired a private investigator to track the city’s Planning, Property, and Development Department, after years of complaints about long wait times for permits and inspections.

After a three-month investigation, the group released the footage to the media in April, and refused to give it to the city until a public inquiry was called.

The city said they launched an internal investigation and interviewed more than 65 staff members.

But in an email to Global News, a group spokesperson said they have finally handed over the footage, and are concerned nothing has been done up to this point.

“We have been informed that the employees of PP&D including the manager of the department feel this has been swept under the rug.  It’s disappointing that nothing has transpired.”

“The city will now be able to confirm the names and actions of its employees in the report, and engage in appropriate action.”

In a statement, the city said “While this is a unique situation, it is not uncommon for an organization to rely on external reports or services to assist in an internal investigation.”

They say the investigation should be complete within a few weeks. The $18,000 paid by the city is the same amount the anonymous group paid the private investigators.

The footage allegedly showed workers running personal errands, taking extended lunch and smoke breaks, and spending hours at the gym.

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