Confusion as luxury homes billboard appears to show 'collapsed girl'

Mystery over giant billboard promoting luxury seaside apartments in West Sussex that appears to show ‘collapsed girl’ with people leaning over her

  • Billboard sits on Worthing seafront, West Sussex, and has confused passers-by
  • It shows artist’s impression of high-end housing development near completion
  • But those who looked closely noticed young woman appears to be unconscious at the centre of the artist’s impression while others go about their day normally
  • Property developers say they were not involved in creation of artist’s impression 

A bizarre billboard advertising luxury seafront apartments has left passers-by scratching their heads – as it appears to show a young woman who has collapsed.

The high-end Bayside development on the seafront in Worthing, West Sussex, will soon be ready for occupants, with apartments ranging in price from £320,000 to £850,000.

But a giant billboard in front of the apartment block, displaying an artist’s impression of the development, hides a macabre scene at its centre.

This bizarre billboard advertising a new housing development has confused passers-by in Worthing, West Sussex, as it appears to feature a sinister scene at the centre of the art work

Those looking closely at the artist’s impression noticed what appears to be a young woman collapsed on the ground with two people around her while everyone else carries on as normal

Those looking closely at the artist’s rendering of a bustling seafront showing people going about their day, can see a seemingly unconscious young woman.

The young red-headed woman with a pink top is seen lying motionless on her back with a young man and woman leaning over her.

The out-of-place image, right in the middle of the billboard, is made even more bizarre by the fact that all the other people on the advert are simply going about their lives as if nothing is wrong.

And the strange scene has left viewers of the billboard scratching their heads – or laughing out loud.

After a video of the billboard was shared on TikTok, one person commented: ‘I used to live right next to that and I thought the same thing.’

And another wrote: ‘I’m not going to heaven anymore, I laughed out loud at that.’

How the billboard appears in front of the new housing development called Worthing Bayside Apartments which are near completion and is home to 141 new luxury flats and apartments

Meanwhile, a third person commented: ‘Just a lady dying’, followed by laughing face emojis.

The 15-storey high Bayside development is home to 141 new luxury seafront apartments, boasting stunning sea views and direct access to the beach, as well as a private garden for residents.

There will also be an on-site gym with pool, sauna and steam room, and a new casual-dining restaurant at the base of the apartment block run by Masterchef 2018 winner, Kenny Tutt.

Only 19 of the apartments are still available, with the remainder already sold or reserved.

Property developers Roffey Homes say they were not aware of the scene on the billboard, and ‘did not know’ who had created the artist’s impression of the apartments.

A spokesperson said: ‘That’s not something we’ve been involved in, so it’s not something that we would comment on.’

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