Copies of Prince Harry book found ‘unwanted’ on Facebook Marketplace for a fiver

Prince Harry's tell-all memoir Spare might be the fastest selling non-fiction book of all time in the UK, but that hasn't stopped people trying to flog it for next-to-nothing online.

Spare is priced at anywhere between its full price of £28 to launch week special offers of just £14.

And despite having excellent content in it, such as stories about having a “bespoke c**k cushion made” to prevent him from getting a frostbitten penis, copies of it have been found for super low prices on Facebook Marketplace.

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A quick search done by the Daily Star shows several copies of the book on sale for just £5, with one copy already reduced to as low as £3 for the kindle version.

One seller is actually trying to flog four copies of the book, for £10 each, while another has it on-sale for £15 with a stark warning for anyone interested.

She writes: “Brand new hard back.

“Duplicate order received.

“Please do not post your opinion – it’s a book for sale.

“If you don’t agree with it just politely move on.”

Another user is selling it for £5 because it was an “unwanted present”.

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The world has been left reeling by a very detailed confession in the now-cheap book from the Duke of Sussex that he was suffering with a “frostbitten penis” during brother Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton.

Among the many revelations from the book he recalls suffering from frostbite on his ears, cheeks and "todger” during a 200-mile Arctic walk for Harry's Walking with the Wounded expedition.

The trek took him to the North Pole alongside four ex-servicemen who were injured in Afghanistan, and raised £2million for the Walking with the Wounded charity during the 13-day trip in March 2011.

However, he revealed that he was still suffering from frostbite the following month, as he stood by William's side during his wedding to Kate on April 29, 2011.

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He later talks about how he tried to avoid it happening again during another trek, this time to the South Pole.

And he went on a trek on his 30th birthday so that he could “get away from birthdays, get away from everything”.

He writes, via a ghostwriter: “People warned me that the South Pole was even colder than the North.

“This time I'd know how to take proper precautions – snugger underwear, more padding, etc.

“Better yet, one very close mate hired a seamstress to make me a bespoke c**k cushion.”

Considering how many times he talks about his private parts in the book, it might be finally worth getting a copy now that it is being flogged online so cheaply.

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