Cops find 100 corpses in warehouse notorious cartel used as victim graveyard

Police have found 100 corpses in a warehouse a notorious cartel used as a graveyard.

Cops in Mexico made the grim discovery after arresting four alleged members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, according to Noventa Grados.

The warehouse, thought to be a dumping ground for victims of the organised crime gang, was raided by the Ixtapan de la Sal Regional Prosecutor's Office, in the municipality of Tenango del Valle.

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Elohim Díaz Jiménez headed up a joint operation consisting of the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Public Security, to conduct the search, The Mirror reports.

A forensic team and mobile laboratory were dispatched to the scene in the La Joya neighbourhood to search for the remains of the deceased.

The latest grisly discovery, comes after a number of gruesome finds in Mexico over recent weeks.

Prosecutors announced that the bodies of five men were discovered in a village north of the formerly popular holiday destination of Acapulco on Monday.

Local media reported that the victims had been hacked up and wrapped in plastic bags.

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Prosecutors also announced that two more men had been killed in the neighbouring town of Xaltianguis.

The town has become a hotbed for violence, with warring groups and vigilantes fighting over the territory.

Some of the groups are believed to have ties to drug cartels.

In 2019, Xaltianguis was placed under siege by a collection of armed vigilantes who were determined to drive out a rival group that had arrived in the town.

The vigilantes began blowing up cars with gas cylinders inside and ended up killing two of their foes, dismembering the body of one.

Acapulco's tourism industry has taken a dive over recent years as bloody drug-related violence has swept the streets.

Last month, eight people were killed in the beachside town, including five men who were shot dead in a bar.

In the summer of 2022, the leader of the guild of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, Jesus Rivera, was also shot to death.

Then, in November last year, three bodies washed up on a beach in Acapulco, showing signs of torture.

The violence has also spread to seemingly safe urban areas in Mexico's major cities, when two young brothers were murdered in the reputable neighborhood of Roma Norte.

The slayings prompted outrage from the community and the authorities vowed to bring those responsible to justice.

Police announced that three people had been detained in connection to the killings.


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