Cops probe claims villagers being terrorised by ‘Predator-style ALIENS’ after girl has neck slashed by mystery ‘beast’ | The Sun

POLICE in the Amazon jungle are probing bizarre claims a village is being menaced by creatures just like Predator.

Locals living in the wilds have reported seeing 7ft armoured aliens with large heads and yellow eyes in Peru.

The claims have been made by members of the Ikitu indigenous people in the rural district of Alto Nanay, northeast of Lima.

And they claim a girl, 15, was attacked by one of the monsters which slashed her neck.

Hunters have reportedly fired on the "creatures" with their guns – which are said to be immune to human weapons.

The beings also allegedly can disappear at will.


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Theories range from the outlandish such as them being real aliens or creatures from folklore, to the more mundane.

It has been suggested the "beings" could be drones covered with cloth and masks to scare the locals by illegal miners in a Scooby Doo-style scheme.

Others have suggested the sightings could be a case of mass hysteria.

Police and the navy are now investigating the claims – with locals calling for a military force to be deployed in the region, which is a 10-hour river ride from Iquitos City.

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The description of the "aliens" appears to be similar to the armoured beast from the Predator franchise.

Predators are a species of tribalistic aliens who wear armoured suits and carry blades as they hunt humans.

But in the movie, one of the creatures is handily seen off by action star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Peruvian locals however do not seem to be having as much luck fending off the "aliens".

Community leaders have said the "strange beings" have been menacing them since July 11.

Some villagers described the aliens as being like "pelacaras", creatures from folklore that feast on human fat and organs.

Police took a speedboat and toured the area after the reports of the teenager being attacked.

Pictures show the young girl with a bloodied neck – but it is unclear what caused the injuries.

And another man is reported to have been wounded in the head by the "aliens".

Community leader Jairo Reátegui Ávila said in no uncertain terms he believes the "beings" are from outer space.

And the villagers have set up patrols to try and hunt down the intruders wth shotguns.

He compared them to looking like the Green Goblin from the Spider-Man franchise – who in some versions appears armoured with yellow eyes.

“I shot one of them twice and he wasn’t injured, he rose and disappeared.

“We’re very frightened about what’s happening here in our community.”

He added: “Their shoes are round-shaped, which they use to float. They float about one metre from the ground and there is a red light on the heel.

“Their heads are long, they wear a mask and their eyes are yellowish.

"They are experts at escaping.

"We want military support to protect us, as well as local and regional authorities."

Peruvian ufologist Anthony Choy claimed he had heard of accounts from across the Amazon about the so-called "aliens".

He stated he had heard there was a report from the city of Pucallpa of three boys being "attacked with laser beams".

And he claimed there was a similar report from the town of Contamana.

But he speculated this may be a case of mass hysteria – with real stories being embellished.

He suggested reports of human traffickers may be becoming intertwined with folklore and reports of alien abductions.

"There are legends that speak of the so-called ‘peelers’ who are a kind of mythical characters," he explained.

"That is what the communities constantly repeat."

According to a 2017 national census, there are around 1,350 people who identify as being a member of the Ikitu community.

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