Covid 19 coronavirus: Huge change to how NSW tracks cases

Today it has been revealed that NSW authorities in the state have raised the white flag on identifying venues visited by Covid cases – as infections continue to steadily rise.

Residents on social media had noticed the change over the past few days, asking why venues of concern in Sydney were not being listed by authorities despite the lion’s share of cases occurring in the city.

Now the Daily Telegraph has revealed that, under a new risk-based approach, places like supermarkets and shopping centres across Sydney won’t be added to the list of venues of concern, which had already become days out of date.

The change, made quietly over the weekend, means officials will now focus their contact tracing efforts on settings where Covid is more likely to be transmitted, like visits between households, workplaces, healthcare and education sites.

“We’re really trying to focus the public’s attention on those where we believe there is a true risk,” Dr Jeremy McAnulty said.

“What we’ve learned is where the infection is most likely to spread. So that’s why we’re focusing on those areas.”

Victoria records 24 new cases

Victoria recorded 24 locally transmitted Covid cases as it nears 200 days in lockdown.

Of those cases, only six spent time in the community while infectious and 20 are linked to existing clusters.

It comes as Victoria nears 200 days in lockdown.

The current lockdown is expected to end on September 2.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said on Monday the state was at a “tipping point” in controlling the latest outbreak.

“We see too many cases, we see too many mystery cases.

“I don’t want to have to stand here and report deaths. I don’t want to have to stand here and report hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of cases every day and perhaps an even greater number of people in hospital.”

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