‘Creepy’ doll found in swamp is ‘haunting’ residents of town who ‘get too close’

Locals in a town in Australia appear to be living a real-life horror movie after becoming "haunted" by a doll of a little girl.

Residents have even reported a number of spooky incidents after getting too close to the doll, which is sitting on a swing next to a mangrove swamp in Lucinda, North Queensland — and they now believe it harbours bad luck.

The small town has a population of just 406 people, although none of them appear to know the mystery of how the doll came to be by the swamp.

People have blamed the doll for boat motor troubles and lost fishing gear.

Hinchinbrook's local political representative Nick Dametto told the Townsville Bulletin: "Everyone seems to know about the doll but nobody really wants to talk about it.

"Residents are intrigued but also wary of the doll’s origins.

"Everyone I’ve talked to has said they have no idea how the doll got there or who may have placed it on the swing which hangs off a low-lying tree.

"Every question I ask people seems to lead to more questions. It’s becoming a real local mystery."

Mr Dametto said he’d also heard rumours of people getting into trouble when out on the water after saying a quick hello to the doll.

"I’ve heard stories of people who have gotten too close to the doll having bad luck while out boating or fishing," he said.

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"This might be pure circumstance or just a modern wives’ tale but it’s something I’m definitely not willing to toy with."

Mr Dametto also warned the girl's origins was a 'local mystery' and said most were 'wary' to find out.

But one business owner told the Townsville Bulletin the doll had been created by a "lovely" local couple, after a previous doll they’d made and placed on the side of the road went missing last year.

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