Cute two-bed terrace with garden on sale for just £165k – but it needs a bit of a clear-out

THIS cute two-bed terrace with a garden is on sale for just £165,000 – but it needs a bit of a clear-out.

The property, located in Faversham, Kent, looks like a bargain from the outside.

But the house, listed on Rightmove, will need a bit of a clear up first.

Pictures show the living room filled to the brim with books and other assorted clutter.

And the cosy-looking kitchen will also need a tidy, as drinks bottles and a radio are strewn across the workspace.

According to the listing, the property is situated overlooking Faversham recreation ground and is within easy walking distance to shopping and travelling facilities.

The listing adds that it will "require modernisation".

The living room is also full to the brim with old appliances, including an ancient black TV and other bits of junk piled into cardboard boxes.

Both bedrooms are located on the first floor, and are overflowing with clothes and other bits of nostalgia.

The ground floor contains two reception rooms, alongside the kitchen and another smaller bathroom.

The property also has a nice spacious garden – though that will also need some work.

Pictures show the grass overgrowing, while the windows of the shed are in desperate need of a clean.

Faversham is located around 48 miles from London and 10 miles from Canterbury.

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