Death row killer with fear of needles begs for new untried execution method

A death row killer who is frightened of needles is begging officials to use a new untried execution method instead.

Alan Eugene Miller was sentenced to death after he brutally killed three men in a workplace shooting in 1999.

On August 5, an employee discovered the lifeless bodies of Lee Holdbrooks and Scott Yancy, who were found dead inside of a building.

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It was reported that he spotted Miller as he exited Ferguson Enterprises in Pelham, New York.

Miller then drove to his old workplace Post Airgas and killed employee Terry Jarvis, according to prosecutors.

Following his conviction, Miller has opted to try nitrogen hypoxia over lethal injection because of his fear of being pricked.

However, he claims that correctional officers lost his paperwork which detailed the request for the alternative method, reports NPR.

Nitrogen hypoxia is meant to cause death by using nitrogen instead of oxygen.

The method was approved by Alabama and two other states for executions in 2018. However, it is yet to be tried.

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Miller could be the first to test nitrogen as soon as next week on September 22, if his request isn't blocked.

Last month, another killer who was waiting to die on Alabama's Death Row suddenly passed away before his execution date.

Patrick Schroeder, 45, was pronounced dead inside Tecumseh state prison on August 29.

He was initially put behind bars after being convicted of killing a farmer in southeast Nebraska in 2006.

But his rage erupted in 2017 and strangled his fellow inmate Terry Berry, 22, to death for talking too much.

The cause of Schroeder's death is yet to be announced.

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