Dictator Kim Jong-Un executes North Korean minister who called Donald Trump liar

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    North Korea's insane dictator Kim Jong-Un has reportedly embarked on another purge and has executed a top minister who once savagely criticised former-US president Donald Trump, calling him "President Evil".

    Reports from the isolated country suggest that Ri Yong-ho, who once negotiated with the US over nuclear weapons has been executed.

    Reports in Japan connected Ri's apparent execution with a massive expansion of North Korea's long-range ballistic missile arsenal.

    A South Korean MP, Youn Kun-young, said his country’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) had confirmed that Ri had been “purged” by the Kim regime, “but whether he was executed remains unclear”.

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    Before his appointment as foreign minister in 2016, Ri served at North Korea's UK embassy in Ealing, west London, from 2003 to 2007.

    Ri was North Korea's chief negotiator at the six-party talks on the country's nuclear program, but has remained out of the public eye since it was reported in 2020 that he had been replaced as foreign minister.

    Despite his outspoken reputation, Ri is credited with brokering the peace talks held between Trump and Kim in Singapore.

    Ri, who had once referred to Donald Trump in a speech to the UN general assembly as a “Lying King”, and “President Evil” is the highest ranking official known to have been eliminated in a purge in recent years.

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    Several other senior politicians who have fallen out of favour with Kim have gone on to meet with untimely ends, including Jang Song-thaek, Kim’s uncle through marriage and a former vice-chairman of the National Defence Commission, who faced a firing squad in 2013.

    Officials from South Korea's National Intelligence Service have said that recent public appearances by Kim's daughter daughter Kim Ju-ae appear to be a demonstration that the dictator is planning to select her as his successor.

    As Kim Ju Ae and her father posed for photos with soldiers and missile scientists in November, she was described by state media as his "most beloved" or "precious" child.

    South Korean media has previously reported that Kim has at least three children – born in 2010, 2013 and 2017 – and that the first child is a son while the third is a daughter.

    North Korea has made no official mention of Kim's two other children.


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