Disabled French bulldog learns to walk with wheelchair in adorable footage

An inspiring video shows a disabled French bulldog finding out he can walk again with the help of a custom-designed doggie wheelchair.

In the clip, three-year-old Gus trots along a hallway while a vet praises him with: "Good boy, good boy!"

The sweet dog is clearly delighted with his new-found freedom and walks along at an excited pace, wobbling slightly while trailing his hind legs behind him.

Gus is currently under the care of Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in Oakland, New Jersey, in the US.

He was "suddenly paralysed" due to a disc problem in his back and had emergency surgery which allows him to live "pain-free" but sadly hasn't restored movement in his hind legs.

The unlucky pooch also doesn't have control of his bladder and is looking for a "special forever home that can meet his need", according to the shelter.

On a happier note, the animal rescuers noted Gus is "doing great with his wheelchair and loves running around playing in it".

"He's a sweetheart and very loved in his foster home but ready to find his forever," they added.

French bulldogs are tragically prone to many diseases, according to the PDSA.

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Among the most common illnesses are brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS), luxating patellas (kneecaps slipping out of place), cataracts, intervertebral disc disease, dermatitis, and hyperuricosuria (crystals in urine causing pain and infections).

The organisation notes Frenchies are fun and playful but recommends getting a crossbreed for better health.

Hairless French bulldogs have been described as "monsters" because of the health issues they are said to be susceptible to, including rashes and difficulty breathing.

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