Disabled OAP Alan Barnes who was violently mugged moves 6th time in 6 years

Pensioner Alan Barnes who became a well-known figure following a huge fundraiser in 2015 to buy him a new home after he was violently mugged has moved house again.

Local beautician Katie Cutler crowdfunded £330,000 for Alan after he was shoved to the ground by a drug addict.

Alan has now moved for the sixth time since the attack and has lost more than £90,000 of the money raised for him by the public to to moving costs.

At the time the 73-year-old was mugged he was living in a small council house in Low Fell, Gateshead, reports Chronicle Live.

Alan has had height and growth problems since birth and was targeted in 2015 while he put out the bins.

The general public were moved by Alan's story and gave in their thousands eventually allowing the OAP to buy his first ever home, a two-bed terrace for £150,000.

However, Alan was unable to settle into his new house, and has been on the move ever since, most recently leaving behind a plush new build overlooking the beautiful Saltwell Park which he bought for £250,000 in 2017.

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The mugging victim sold that house for £205,000 last July, making a loss of £45,000, and is now living in a smaller home close by, having never left the Low Fell area.

Alan said: "I had been trying to sell my last house for two years. I had a lot of problems there. There were lots of people riding bikes and dogs. I was struggling to sell it, it was difficult.

"Nobody came to see it because of the pandemic, it was nothing but a nuisance.

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"I had to move out of it quickly as there was only one person interested and they were in danger of losing their mortgage. I rented for a few months before moving here.

"I lost 45 grand in the sale. If I had stayed there longer it would've dug further into the money I had left. I also had to pay £6,000 in fees.

"I like this house. I was always interested in architecture and it is an older property."

Alan says he won't buy another house, but would consider paying someone to build him a bespoke detached bungalow in the future.

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