Doctor loses medical licence – for posting pictures of her wearing a bikini

A doctor who wanted to become a model has been stripped of her medical licence – for sharing photos of herself in a bikini.

Nang Mwe San, who lives in Myanmar, qualified as a doctor at the age of 22, something her parents drove her to do.

But Dr Mwe San actually wanted to be a model and after treating patients for several years she began participating in professional photo shoots.

In January this year the Myanmar Medical Council ordering her to stop posting such “racy” images and to delete existing ones from her page.

But the 29-year-old refused and she has now had her medical license rescinded.

"Here there is so much sexism,” she  said in an interview with the New York Times.

She said: “They don’t want women to have higher positions. And they judge women on what we wear. They don’t even want us to wear trousers."

Mwe San said she was called by the council earlier this year and was ordered to stop dressing in a way that went against Myanmar traditional culture.

“They told me I have a behavior disorder."

Mwe San shared a message of defiance to Instagram this week, writing in the caption: “Society doesn’t own women’s body. My body, My right.”

Dr Mwe San, a resident of Yangon, said she earned more as a model than she had as a physician, and that she enjoyed the work more.

“It is my passion,” she said. “I feel more comfortable and happy working as a model.”

She is planning to appeal the ruling and seek a suspension of her license so she could work as a doctor again someday, perhaps as a volunteer, once her modeling career ends.

She said: “I will try my best to keep it because I spent a lot of my time and worked hard to get it."

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