Donald Trump takes the lead over Biden in 2024 election poll as President’s numbers drop

Donald Trump takes lead in hypothetical election poll

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Former US President Donald Trump has been polling ahead of Joe Biden in a hypothetical 2024 election opinion survey. President Joe Biden is facing a popularity squeeze over the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and rising inflation at home. Current polling suggests the Democrat would face a fierce battle to secure a second term in the White House. Trump has not officially declared his candidacy for the 2024 election though polling suggests the former US leader maintains strong levels of support. 

Sky News Australia presenter Maddie Hale said: “Looking ahead into the future the 2024 election the Biden administration has seen another drop in confidence for a second term.

“RNW conducted a hypothetical election where Donald Trump and Joe Biden face off for the White House.

“It found Donald Trump was up in the polls and 44 percent and Joe Biden was sitting on 39 percent.

“Voters were asked if 2024 saw Kamala Harris running for the top job and she faced off against Donald Trump, who would they vote for.

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“45 percent said they would vote for Donald Trump and 36 percent said they’d vote for Kamala Harris.”

She added: “Well, Joe Biden continuously finds himself seeing dwindling approval numbers and a decline in a vote of confidence.

“A new poll carried out by Redfield and Wilson strategies surveyed 1500 registered voters in the US on November 15.

“On Joe Biden’s overall job performance, 46 percent of Americans disapprove and 37 percent approve.

“That’s five points lower than the previous poll conducted at the end of October when 44 percent, disapproved and 40 percent approved.


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“Vice President Kamala Harris recently saw some dire polling released when a USA Today and Suffolk University poll found just 27.8 percent approve of her and 51 percent disapprove.

“In this latest, RNW poll it found 44 percent disapprove of her and 34 percent approve.

“Similar to Joe Biden the VP also saw a drop of two points from the last October poll.

“The Biden Administration has seen a steady approval on one subject Coronavirus, its handling, and the pandemic has seen 45 percent approve and 37 percent disapprove.”


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It comes after US Vice-President Kamala Harris ducked a question from reporters on ambitions to take over the presidency from Joe Biden while on a diplomatic mission to France. 

Ms Harris avoided answering how the trip to Paris might aid a future Harris presidency.

“I will tell you it was a very productive and a good trip,” the vice-president told reporters.

“As we’ve discussed extensively over the past couple of days, this trip was about of course making clear the long-standing relationship, but also that as we go into a new era for the world that our work will continue,” Ms Harris said. 

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