Donald Trump vowed to ‘give up sex for five years’ as ex-President leaves White House

Donald Trump and Melania arrive in Florida

Joe Biden’s inauguration as 46th President of the United States sparks the end of an era. Many continue to speculate what Mr Trump will do next after his departure from the White House. The former President said that his movement was “only just beginning” in his final speech, which some have interpreted as a plan to remain in politics.

Mr Trump claimed there had “never been anything like” his movement, which he described as the “greatest” in the “history of our country”.

The business tycoon broke tradition yesterday by refusing to attend Mr Biden’s inauguration after a crushing defeat in the election last year of 306 Electoral College votes to 232.

In his speech, Mr Trump refused to mention his successor by name but wished him “great luck and great success” at an event on Joint Base Andrews, in Maryland.

In the final part of the announcement, the former leader hinted at a possible political return when he said: “So just a goodbye, we love you, we will be back in some form.”

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Others have speculated about a return to reality TV after Mr Trump’s popularity surged following the US adaptation of The Apprentice. 

Some have hinted that the former President might start his own TV network but currently, there have been no signs that this will materialise. 

If Mr Trump was to go back down the TV route, some have pointed out that he could take over and star on One America News Network.

Others have ruled out any potential for a small screen return after his divisive run in politics, which led to him being banned from Twitter – stripping him of a platform to air his views. 

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Prior to Mr Trump announcing his plan to enter politics in 2015, the business magnate had teased running for President multiple times.

In a 2008 interview with Piers Morgan, ahead of Barack Obama’s first term as President, he gave insight into his political beliefs and his character. 

Mr Trump told GQ that Mr Obama “would have had a much easier chance of winning if he had chosen Hillary Clinton” but they “didn’t like” each other. 

The comment was an example of rare-praise for his 2016 election opponent, who he dubbed “crooked Hillary” and said she should be “locked up” in prison.

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When asked what he would do as a “quick fix for the country”, Mr Trump said he would withdraw from the Iraq War and focus on US military spending.

He claimed to be “the greatest hawk” and “the most militant military human being who ever lived”. 

Away from his love of increasing the US weapon’s arsenal, he revealed another love… women.

When asked if he was “a woman-holic” by Mr Morgan, he laughed before he replied: “Love women… for sure.”

Mr Trump continued: “I respect them, I think they’re magnificent. And I don’t just mean their physical beauty.”

When asked whether women are more important to him than money, Mr Trump felt that they both were linked. 

Soon after Mr Morgan quizzed him about whether he would give up sex for five years if he was given $10billion (£7billion).

Mr Trump, who seemed to have misheard the question, responded: “No, I wouldn’t because $10million (£7million) isn’t a lot of money to me.”

Melania Trump walks away as Donald Trump waves

When Mr Morgan clarified that he meant $10billion, the tycoon had a second thought. 

He replied: “Oh, ten billion – I might think about taking that!”

When Mr Trump was asked if he thought he would be able to “go five years without sex”, he said: “For $10billion, sure.

“You can do a lot of things with $10billion. You double up my net worth just by not having sex, sure. That’s pretty good. I could do that.”

Mr Trump later went on to explain that he thought the secret to “being good in bed” was having “the Look”.

He continued: “You have to have a certain way about you, a stature.

“I see successful guys who just don’t have the Look. And they are never going to go out with great women. 

“The Look is important. I don’t really like to talk about it because it sounds very conceited… but it matters.”

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