Driver escapes rollover in Kelowna

The driver of a SUV was able to escape a rollover crash on Gordon Dr. in Kelowna on Tuesday evening.

The accident happened just after 5 p.m. at the small bridge over Bellevue Creek near Thornloe Rd. after a turn in the road.

The silver SUV landed on its roof and the airbags deployed.


The front axle and bumper where destroyed.

Paramedics took one person, the lone occupant of the vehicle, for medical treatment, according to Kelowna Fire Department platoon captain Dennis Miller.

While the fire department was called in to help extract the driver, Miller said that person was able to exit the vehicle themselves.

Police have not released information about the accident.

An ‘N’ decal could be seen on the back of the overturned vehicle but it is not known if a new driver was at the wheel of the SUV.


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