Driver is spotted 'walking' his dog by holding lead out of car window

That’s cheating! Driver is spotted ‘walking’ his dog by holding lead out of car window

  • Dashcam footage captured the dangerous dog ‘walk’ in Plympton, Devon
  • A passerby said he had to do a double-take, as the dog trotted alongside the car
  • The German Shepherd type breed strides valiantly to keep up with the vehicle 

This is the moment a man was caught on camera walking a dog while driving a car.

Drivers in Plympton, Plymouth did a double-take when they spotted the driver dangling a lead out of his SUV window and leading a German Shepherd-type dog along the road.

Cody Hugill caught the bizarre sight on dashcam as he was driving towards the junction of Underwood Road in Plympton, on Wednesday evening.

The driver, wearing a white baseball cap, can be seen calmly leading the dog as he drives slowly uphill, presumably so the pet can keep up.  

The car carries on driving up the road and out of sight, leaving pedestrians and drivers bemused. 

Mr Hugill said: ‘It was a light night, and I had to do a bit of a double take, if I’m honest.

‘I was just travelling down the road and watching them, and even a couple of passersby turned their heads.

The German Shepherd type breed is pictured trotting alongside the vehicle, as it driv towards the junction of Underwood Road in Plympton

‘Then as he drove up the road I wasn’t able to follow him completely, but he’d gone on for a while at least.’   

Devon & Cornwall Police declined to comment on the bizarre incident, saying it had not been reported to them. 

A similar incident made headlines across the pond in Austin, Texas in May 2019 when video emerged of a man pulling his dog alongside his vehicle.    

A witness said police stopped the driver shortly after she stopped recording the incident in Austin, Texas, which she called ‘so illegal’

The dog is seen trying to keep up with the man behind the wheel as traffic flows by

The footage showed other cars driving by as the dog tried to keep up with the motorist.

Reilly Campbell filmed the incident on her phone and can be heard reacting in shock, yelling: ‘So illegal!’   

Campbell told that the driver was pulled over by police as soon as she stopped filming.

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