Drug campaigners issue urgent warning to Parklife festivalgoers

Drug campaigners issue urgent warning to Parklife festivalgoers over super-strength ‘Skype’ and ‘Sprite’ ecstasy pills

  • The so-called ‘Skype’ pills contain very high strength MDMA, campaigners say 
  • They have urged anyone feeling unwell to seek urgent, immediate medical help
  • No illnesses have been reported yet at this year’s Parklife festival in Manchester 

Festivalgoers at Parklife have been warned against taking purple and pink ‘Skype’ ecstasy pills by drug campaigners. 

Charity The Loop shared an image of a tablet on Twitter on Saturday night and issued an urgent warning to people attending the Parklife festival at Heaton Park, Manchester.

The pills are thought to contain very high strength MDMA, with the word Skype written on them and one side being purple with the other pink.

Drug awareness charity The Loop shared a photo of purple and pink Skype pills as a warning to Parklife festivalgoers

The Loop said the pills were tested at the two-day festival and have been ‘linked to welfare cases’.

Anyone feeling unwell was urged to seek urgent medical help.

Reports suggested the pills were the same shape and logo as blue and white tablets found in circulation two years ago.

They also warned of orange and white ‘Sprite’ pills that are to be available at Parklife. 

The Loop said on Twitter: ‘Multiple purple and pink ‘skype’ pills. 

‘Tested today at Parklife and linked to welfare cases. Variable and high strength 250 – 300mg MDMA.

‘Take care and seek medical help if unwell.’

The 300mg of MDMA is understood to be more than three times the usual amount found in ecstasy pills.

The Loop’s tweet was re-tweeted by the official Parklife Twitter account. 

The 300mg of MDMA in the pills is understood to be more than three times the usual amount found in ecstasy pills

Police have also revealed that 18 arrests have been made around Parklife so far.

Of those, 14 arrests were made on suspicion of possession with intent to supply drugs. 

A number were related to nitrous oxide canisters.

Of the 14 arrested, one was for assault, another for disorder and another for fraud.

Police also made an arrest for failing to appear in court.

The festival at Heaton Park is expected to attract 80,000 people on each day this weekend.

Parklife boss Sacha Lord issued a drugs warning ahead of the festival and urged all those at Parklife to look after each other.

Mr Lord urged festival-goers to ‘party sensibly and pace yourself’.

He said: ‘You’ve paid for your ticket and waited all this time to party with your friends and see your favourite acts.

‘There’s 80,000 of you in a park all there for one reason, to have the time of your lives and enjoy the music.

‘Don’t overdo it. Party. But party sensibly. Pace yourselves and enjoy the whole weekend. Look after each other.’

Police said there had so far been no reports of anyone falling ill.

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