Drug-fulled mum missed school run after overdosing during bungled burglary

A mum forgot to pick her kids up from school because she was busy burgling a home while "off her face" on drugs.

Yasmin Maulgue, 32, missed the afternoon school run after passing out and covering herself in rubbish from a bin during a bungled attempt to steal a handbag from a home in Hull.

Hull Crown Court heard how the career criminal had got into a row with the homeowner on November 6 after incorrectly claiming the house was hers.

But as she tried to escape, she slipped and fell into a neighbour's garden. She then attempted to throw a wheelie bin at the victim, HullLive reports.

However, Maulgue fell over and passed out – with the contents of the bin strewn on top of her.

After her arrest, she was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary following a suspected "drug-induced episode".

She awoke the next morning and realised she had forgotten about the afternoon school run.

The court heard that at about 2.50pm a woman living in Boothferry Road came downstairs to find her handbag had been taken from the banister and front door was left wide open.

She drove around the area with her son to find the thief.

But the burglar was still in her home with her daughter and step-daughter.

"She was away for two-and-a-half minutes before she came back and her daughter said a woman was in their kitchen," said Richard Butters, prosecuting.

The victim and her 13-year-old stepdaughter jostled with Maulgue over a bank card before calling for help.

“You became aggressive,” said Judge Mark Bury. “However, you were so intoxicated you fell over into a fence and landed in the garden next door.

“You picked up a blue wheelie bin to throw it at the lady but instead you toppled backwards where the contents of the bin fell on you. You laid there comatose until the police arrived.”

Maulgue was arrested before she was taken her to hospital two hours later due to a suspected drug-induced episode.

“She was interviewed and made admissions that she was under the influence of various drugs at the time of this offending,” said Mr Butters.

The victim said the incident as her “worst nightmare” and her seriously affected her 16-year-old daughter, who found Maulgue intoxicated in their kitchen.

The victim said: “I am struggling to find the words to describe the impact this has had on us, particularly my daughter.

“Since this happened, she has struggled mentally and emotionally.

"She feels unsafe staying in the house on her own. She has not been able to sleep for weeks.”

Her daughter also suffered a panic attack when somehow she came face-to-face with Maulgue again by coincidence at work, the court heard.

During the hearing, Maulgue, who pleaded guilty to burglary, was also sentenced for failing to supply a sample to police after being caught drug driving a week later.

“If that was not bad enough,” said Judge Bury, “a week after the burglary you are once again under the influence of drugs, this time driving a car.

“You crashed into two others in a Tesco car park. You were stumbling and slurring your words.

"There was zero alcohol on your breath and therefore you must have been under the influence of drugs.”

In a letter to the court, Maulgue said: “I am truly sorry for what I have put her family through. I sincerely apologise to them.

"I didn’t mean to cause anyone any emotional harm.”

Judge Bury told Maulgue he had every intention of sending her to prison before deferring sentencing for six months.

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