Drunk mayor crashes car hours after meeting families of drink driving victims

A mayor who met with the families of drink driving victims has infuriated residents by being involved in a drink driving incident herself just a few hours later.

Mayor of Redland, Australia, Karen Williams admitted to drinking "several glasses of wine" before she crashed her vehicle into a tree after a meeting with drink driving victims.

The Queensland-based mayor reportedly declared that "we need to clean up the drink driving" before careering into a tree and crashing her car while under the influence of alcohol.

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Mayor Williams had previously campaigned for Kate Leadbetter and Matthew Field, a couple who were struck and killed by a drink driver in January last year.

Despite her campaign for a tougher sentence on the drink-driver that struck and killed both Leadbetter and Field, the Redlands mayor found herself behind the wheel after a few tipples.

The online meeting, attended by Williams and numerous members of the Redlands community, saw the mayor talk of making tougher drink-driving laws her political "legacy".

One attendee of the meeting, Judy Lindsay, whose daughter was killed in a crash involving a drink driver, said the mayor was "lucky she didn't kill someone" in her drink driving incident.

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Lindsay said: "[I told her], 'we trusted you and you let us down… You’re the one supposed to be helping us to raise awareness and you’ve let us all down'.

"She is lucky she didn't kill someone."

Mayor Williams has so far refused to resign over the incident, despite immediate calls from Lindsay to have the long-serving mayor resign from her position.

In a statement released by the drink-driving mayor, Williams said: "I am deeply regretful for my actions. I made a mistake, I will learn from that mistake, and I will continue to serve my community as I have for the last 18 years."

Calls for the mayor to resign were also aired by Federal Opposition Leader Peter Dutton, who was reported by 7news as saying that the incident was "completely unacceptable".

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