Drunken mum known as ‘Gypsy Star’, 68, jailed after biting cop’s thumb

A drunken mum who has been dubbed 'Gypsy Star' has been jailed after biting a police officer's thumb.

Susan Rigg was already serving a suspended sentence when she hurled abuse at two officers before biting one of them.

The 68-year-old, from South Shields, had called the police herself and asked for their help to be "re-housed".

Rigg pleaded guilty to a breach of a suspended sentence, burglary and assaulting an emergency worker at Durham Crown Court yesterday (Thursday, March 4).

Sentencing her to 10 months in jail, Judge Ray Singh said her life had been "completely derailed" in her late 60s, and asked her to "please behave yourself from here on in".

Neil Jones, prosecuting, said she was given a seven month prison sentence, suspended for two years, in October last year for assaulting two prison officers while locked up in HMP Low Newton, County Durham.

But within a month she had breached her suspended sentence by failing to turn up to a probation appointment because it was her birthday.

A week later she breached her order for a second time by violently assaulting a female police officer.

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Mr Jones said: "The defendant was sitting drinking alcohol with another woman and a man. The man wanted the defendant to leave and she [Rigg] was ringing the police to try and get re-housed.

"The police were trying to re-house her but they were getting drunken slurring words."

The officers then took Rigg back to an address she was last listed as living at, but the locks had been changed.

Rigg then became abusive and as the officer attempted to handcuff her, she bit the officer on her thumb and forefinger.

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The court heard Rigg told the female officer: "Do you want me to chew your face off?"

The defendant was also sentenced for a burglary carried out on November 8, 2020 when she stole two parcels from an apartment block in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

In mitigation, Shada Mellor, defending Rigg, said: "She had been staying at the address of her son's friends as she had no accommodation at that time.

"She had been drinking Lambrini and the male then became violent and was pushing her. She called the police to protect herself and the other woman present.

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"She was taken back to her last listed address but the locks had been changed. She was intoxicated and frustrated."

Ms Mellor added Rigg had some "physical disabilities" and that she had attended a "number" of probation appointments.

The court heard Rigg had three previous convictions for 19 offences.

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