Dubai ‘Butt Squad’ organizer auctioning off rights to raunchy video

The playboy who posted the infamous “Butt Squad” photoshoot of naked models in Dubai is now prepared to capitalize on the cheeky event — by holding an online auction to sell the exclusive footage.

Vitaliy Grechin, 41, who was thrown in jail after he caused a furor in the United Arab Emirate by sharing the racy images to Instagram, is said to be “offering the rights to the highest bidder” for the video of the 20 Ukrainian and Russian women, East2West News reported.

The Ukrainian American businessman and 13 of the women were arrested for public indecency after images from the X-rated event went viral in April. He later admitted the stunt was a “mistake.”

Grechin spent 22 days behind bars and 15 days in medical isolation after he tested positive for COVID-19.

And now he says he’s ready to cash in on the scandal to recoup the “extortionate” fines and legal costs paid to release the group – an amount he estimates could end up being $500,000, according to the outlet.

The website has been launched to promote the “Naked Balcony” auction.

The “exclusive” content up for grabs shows the naked women in the “immediate events leading up to the photoshoot,” Grechin said.

“This video is being offered, along with a special two-day event with the Butt Squad models, to the highest bidder,” he said. “This video has never been published so has only been seen by the current owner.”

The playboy added: “It will now be exclusively owned and viewable by the auction winner, who can use it, distribute it or sell it as they see fit. This includes the ability to brand it, including, but not limited to, the placement of watermarks.”

The Kyiv-based entrepreneur described all of the participants in the event as his “friends,” adding that they include a banker, a schoolteacher and catwalk star who has appeared in Vogue.

He also making the “Butt Squad” available for a two-day promotion in any European Union country, Mexico, Croatia or Montenegro — and elsewhere by prior agreement, according to East2West.

“The second part of the offer is an opportunity to have the Butt Squad promote absolutely anything that a creative team of the auction winner can think of,” he said.

“With very few limitations, as to the type of content the team can produce, these girls can star in a music video, a promotional campaign, or a TV show,” Grechin added.

He stressed on the website that the offer does not involve porn or sexual acts of any kind, adding that the women have the right to refuse an offer with which they feel uncomfortable.

As far as the legacy of the scandalous shoot, Grechin suggested that the indecent incident would deter others from performing similar stunts in Dubai.

“Things like the threat of long prison sentences, prohibitive costs, and sheer difficulty in organization will ensure that the uniqueness of this incident will remain unmatched,” he said.

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