EasyJet plane with Brit tourists on board crashes into aircraft at Amsterdam airport – The Sun

A PLANE carrying Brit tourists collided with another parked jet at a Dutch airport in a shocking blunder by airport staff.

The Airbus A320 was due to depart from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport this morning until it's wing hit another stationary plane delaying the flight for five hours.

Both aircrafts appear to be damaged as a passenger told the Sun Online that he felt a 'small bump' on board.

Passenger Jye Sandiford, 27, had travelled to Amsterdam with his girlfriend for a weekend away that had already gone badly wrong when his luggage was lost on Friday.

The accounts manager from London had only had his bags returned on Sunday before boarding the plane that was due to depart this morning.

He said: "I have flown with Easyjet before and never had a problem but it seems that everything has happened all at once this time.

"It's quite comical how all this has happened.

"I had to buy all the basic stuff, socks, t-shirts and toiletries and they try and claim it back.

"Then today we boarded the plane and as it was reversing there was a small bump.

"Nothing much, I just thought it was the movement of the plane, that it was normal.

"Then cabin crew started chatting and told us what had happened.

"It was on the opposite side to where I was sat and people were moving to take pictures."


Jye says that they were held on the plane for an hour while staff tried to work out what had gone wrong.

The Boeing was ready to leave for Madrid and the easyJet plane was on its way to London at the time.

He said: "Easyjet have handled everything well, although I think a lot of people are annoyed.

"We have been told that it is down to the company who pull the planes onto the runway.

"They organised another flight within a hour but we will have waited 4 hours and 57 minutes before we take off.

"Their policy says that passengers who have waited longer then five hours will receive a refund so we are waiting to see if we take off on time."

Another passenger on board the easyJet flight took to Twitter to say they were lodged in the KLM plane.

They wrote: "My EasyJet flight from Amsterdam to London just literally backed up INTO another plane.

"Our wing is lodged in a KLM tail.

"We're stuck on the plane while they're investigating."

A spokesperson from Easyjet said: “EasyJet can confirm that two aircraft made contact during pushback from stand, one of which was EasyJet flight EJU8868 from Amsterdam to London Gatwick.

“Passengers have now disembarked into the terminal where they have been provided with updates and refreshment vouchers. The flight is now due to be operated by a replacement aircraft.

"The safety of its passengers and crew is easyJet's highest priority and an investigation has been launched in line with procedure to understand what happened.”

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