Elon Musk tells followers how to avoid living ‘a cursed and hollow life’

The world’s second richest person, Elon Musk, has revealed to his followers how to avoid “a cursed and hollow life”.

The X CEO is no stranger to speaking his mind on the platform, until recently named Twitter, and has now taken aim at influencer Andrew Tate.

Tate, 36, took to the platform to express traditionalist values about women and sex.

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Musk, however, sees things a little differently and instead proffered an alternative vision to the macho preachings of Tate.

He argued that the lifestyle that Tate claims to lead is a path to a life that is “cursed and hollow.”

Tate is still under house arrest in Romania following after he was charged with rape, human trafficking and forming an organised crime group to sexually exploit women.

He said: “Women are born with innate power. A form of magic.

“But every time somebody f**** them…they give some away.

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“He takes it.

“That’s why the most powerful men have slept with endless women. And the least powerful women have slept with endless men.”

In his brutal putdown, the SpaceX boss replied: “To sleep with women endlessly without love is a cursed and hollow life."

In doing so, Musk came head to head with the words of Tate, showcasing two very different approaches to relationships between the two internet characters.

Musk then followed it up in the comments section, saying: "Love is a necessity for intimate relationships".

Musk has nine children and has been divorced three times, having been in relationships with college sweethearts and even the likes of Hollywood star Amber Heard and musician Grimes.

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