‘Enterprise-grade’ AI sex robots with MP3 player can say anything you want

Sex doll manufacturers are continuing to explore the cutting edge of robotics – and one firm is taking things even further than ever before.

A new range of artificial intelligence-powered sex robots promises to incorporate “deep learning” technology that allows them to become more attuned to the user’s speech patterns over time and respond more like a real human.

The technology hidden inside Sex Doll Genie is so advanced, say the manufacturers, that she can hold short conversations, sing, moan and express pleasure as well as moving her head, neck and lips.

In addition to learning her owner’s likes and dislikes the sex robot incorporates advanced touch sensors to enable the doll to feel changes of pressure or temperature on her synthetic “skin” and react accordingly.

The more the doll is spoken to, the smarter she becomes, with the ability to respond like a real person. The doll can also be programmed to verbally respond in a certain way, with the user able to build Genie’s vocabulary by uploading text files or MP3 clips.

The bilingual doll is as happy speaking Mandarin Chinese as she is English and has a hyper realistic mouth, with lips that move naturally to match her words for an ultra realistic experience.

The doll will also respond to verbal commands, so the user can order her to switch language, sing, or stop talking altogether.

Sex Doll Genie co-founder Janet Stevenson is a champion of the changing face of the sex doll industry. She said, “Our AI sexbots offer a real, lifelike experience unlike anything else a sex doll has previously been capable of. The technology powering the AI system is truly enterprise grade.

"An AI chip inside the head comes pre-fitted with 1 GB of RAM," Janet added, "where the user can feed or store new information. There is an unlimited upgrading system and real AI deep learning system that make this sexbot grow up every time you interact with her.”

The ultra-smart AI dolls are equipped with a cutting-edge robotic head powered, naturally enough, by Google’s Android 10 operating system, with the latest security encryptions for the user’s complete peace of mind.

Pre-installed Adiantum encryption technology further protects all user data, while the dedicated app used to control the sexbot adds additional security layers.

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